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What's it all about?

In this day of:

Our Mission
Is to help empower others to support themselves in a better standard of health maintenance and quality of life that is easy to understand and apply.
 - to give others a chance to fight back against the ravages of time and misfortune, and not have to accept deterioration and disablement as a consequence of being a bit older each day.

Our  Philosophy
In this world of "push and shove" and "grab and take", the needs of the individual are often overshadowed by the wants of the strong and powerful - so much so that in too many cases the individual becomes crushed and dis-empowered.
Consequences include dependence on others and a blind obedience to the mantra of "it's not my fault", and the follow-on from that -"fix it, it's your job to do that".
No-where is this more apparent than in the field of health. 
The old-time statement of "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is only valid as a philosophical statement if you do something about the "prevention" aspect.
Let's be brutally frank, here.  Today the real money lays with the "cure" (or at least the attempt to cure).
We see a world coming where people will have to take greater care of themselves in maintaining their health, simply because the Health system is going to place additional financial burdens on the not so well - for the reason that the system can't handle the demand due to a lack of money.

Now isn't that happening even now!

Who  We Are:
We are long-time students of health maintenance, edged with practical skills.  Much of what we suggest arises from our own observations, and/or experiences both personal and of others. Please read the "Disclaimer" in the "Legal Stuff"

What we are not:
We are not medical practitioners
, and our suggestions need to be considered in the light of your own personal situation.
Thus we strongly recommend that if you do have a health issue you should discuss any use of what is suggested on this site with your personal physician.
Nothing given within this website will cure. Only your body can heal itself, and this is clearly a matter particular to yourself. 
Consequently we must disclaim any liability whatsoever concerning your application of any content of this site, possible consequences arising from, and content of any associated links.

Principal  Author Bio
As Principal Author of this website facility my life of working in many different occupations and situations is perhaps reflected in the ability to
     "see outside the box"
From Market Gardener, to Insurance Broker, from working inside the health industry to Sales Rep, Champion Yachtsman to father of 5, the depth and breadth of life experience gives one another way of looking at things - tunnel vision is not in the plan! - there are no "sacred cows" (apologies to our Hindu people).

From my youth where my family constantly looked for better means of alternative health solutions, to today where experience and knowledge combine to provide an unique insite into the political and commercial agendas associated with the health industry, my message is simple:

Take care of your health,
because it is in no-one's interest except yours to do so.

 All others will profit from your failure to act to maintain your good health

Our  Contact Information:
Principal Author: Ken Spong
Ph +61 (0)401810042
email: health maintenance

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