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Cancer - Adversary of Life

Odd things happen as we journey through life.

Amongst the most distressing is the occurence of cancer in it's many forms.

The big question is usually "why me".  An essential philosophical question which this article has to set aside and instead ask a few "why" questions.

Perhaps the Medical profession has got a lot cleverer in making diagnosis of cancer in it's many forms, but as this author looks back through the decades it becomes apparent that what were considered rare forms of cancer many years ago are now somewhat more common.

The question is "Why".

Now this is not a scientific treatise, promulgating a particular point of view, nor an attempt to make things look simple. Rather this author suggests we look at our environment - what we eat, what we breathe, and what we drink - and perhaps the mind has a link here too.

Our food-chain, for instance, has been captured by the commercial interests that modify foods for flavour, color, texture, and shelf-life.  This process of modification often utilises a range of substances not found in nature but are actually manufactured for the commercial "benefit effect" desired. 

It can be confidently stated that there has not been in-depth research done on the long-term effects on the human  biology from combinations of these additives, let alone the effect of any single one of them.  Any student of organic chemistry will understand that combining two different organic compounds is a method of producing a unique new compound.

Ummmm.  So perhaps we should have a careful look at the labelling on the package. 

It is remarkable that some colorants have been clearly identified as cancer-inducing and yet they are still used -  in some "over the counter" remedies for instance.

The use of code numbers to describe the substances further confuses the buyer as these codes are often not easily found in any descriptive form elsewhere.

Get your code breaker here. Australia/New Zealand, USA, EU

More on the food chain.

Anyone remember Chernobyl?  Wind-borne Radioactive particles did arrive in this country (UK), and there are still places where, for instance, the livestock cannot be sold, let alone be consumed - only time will change that....

  Why?  Lets try another memory check - Polonium.  We have recent news accounts of how toxic it's isotopes are - but why?  
More questions.
OK, atomic radioactive particles are emitters of radioactive energy.  Some types of this energy (alpha and beta particles) are often easy stopped by a sheet of paper or perspex (depending on type).  However, in the food chain these emitters become somewhat less friendly, snuggling up to living cells and causing destruction, or worse, mutation by damaging the DNA of the cell.

Damaged DNA results in incorrect reproduction of the cell, and the result is either death of the cell or mutation into what often becomes a form of cancer.

Now if your body defenses are not able to destroy this mutation there is real prospect of a cancer developing.

Damage to DNA is not just a result of atomic particles activity, but is also closely linked to "free-radical" damage.

Free radicals can arise from additives in food and drink, injury, and stress, to name a few sources.  The most effective "free-radical neutraliser" can be found here.  Click the link that is closest to you: US - or - UK


So where has Science gone in finding things that reduce risk or even cure?

Certainly rates of survival from many cancers have improved very significantly over the last 20 years, but one little gem seems to have been forgotten.

The role of anti-inflammatories in the matter of cancer.

Much was made of the discovery of the role of anti-inflammatories in reducing the threat of cancer, at least until a particular drug was found wanting - this particular manufactured drug was an attempt to chemically create a copy of the most effective anti-inflammatory yet discovered. The anti-inflammatory from Nature is completely non-toxic (unlike the chemical clone attempt), and contains no protein - so shellfish allergies are not a problem.  Yes, it comes from the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussell, a shellfish unique to that country.  Not only remarkably good in providing support in inflammatory situations, but perhaps it may be of benefit for cancer sufferers, also - given the disclosures that are in the Public Domain concerning the role of anti-inflammatories, and the much vaunted/maligned Asprin with regard to cancer.  Certainly, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAID) appear to have a role in reducing risk of getting cancer.

Check out these references, and there is also a new link for Diabetes!

Colorectal Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Breast Cancer
There are more references to be added as we find them - don't go the artificial compound way, stay within Natures boundaries withThe most effective anti-inflammatory ever found  - for more information Click the area link that is nearest to you: US - or - UK

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