Excellent Health Maintenance

Element 2 of Excellent Health Maintenance

Element 2

Lifestyle, Stress, and Living Well

Did you know that stress can be a useful part of your daily routine.


Stress causes adrenaline to be released, making us more prepared to meet the new challenge.

Stress is also a consequence of the “fight or flight” response when the individual feels a sense of powerlessness in the face of the new challenge. A sense of disenfranchisement or hopelessness only compounds the stress factor.

wood-woes Where stress becomes chronic it can lead to health problems, both mental and physical. Depression is often associated with chronic stress, and we have to remark on the reported significant increase in numbers of people suffering depression in these times.

Physical health problems arising from chronic stress include cardiac problems. That great book The Bible describes “mens hearts failing them for fear".

And fear is a capital stress item.

Well,what to do about this.

Simple adjustments to one’s Lifestyle can have a significant benefit effect on reducing stress in our life.

Some things we can do include:

Believe in yourself

Self-belief is a key element in appreciating who and what you are. Check out mindgames

Sure road* Have a plan, work the plan. Planning your progress through life includes not just getting up in the morning, going to bed at night, and whatever happens through the day – your life is far more important than being tripped up by minor details.

* Set yourself a plan (yes, goals). With a view of where you would like to go in your life you are able to see the necessary connections to achieving your target. What also happens is the “universe” moves towards your objective. Objectives become easier to achieve, and stress is lowered. Motivationalists call this one of the universal truths.

* Take a break. Stepping away from the source of stress and focussing on different agendas for a while can break the cycle of stress /anxiety /depression. You don’t need to go far or do much, just do something different and interesting. A picnic, a weekend away, share some time with friends, grow something – gardening could be great for you. The list is almost endless, and so are the opportunities for you to relax and shed some weight from your shoulders. Of course, if you see exploring the wider world the means of relaxing, then just do it!

Be Free* Spend value time with friends and family. Enjoying the company of others is both mentally and spiritually uplifting.

A good belly laugh can do more for you than a handful of pills, perhaps! Try it!

* Exercise wisely. The purpose of exercise can be lost in the quest for assumed benefits. Not everyone can run a marathon, or sprint a 100 metres in 10 seconds or so. In fact very few can. Don’t stop exercising because you cannot match such standards or expectations. A simply walk or bicycle ride, a few minutes on a treadmill or cross-country trainer, or even using the TV or Wii® and following the exercise programs are all full of potential in helping keep your muscles and joints in good order. You don’t need to do the exercise thing every day, and certainly not to the point of exhaustion. Every second day or so can be a good starting point – where you go from there is your territory.

A word of caution.

If you have any health issues likely to be impacted by exercise, do check with your personal physician/doctor before you start.

* Take up a hobby. Nothing distracts one from the rest of the worlds cares and worries like a hobby does. Interest and passion can be infectious, drawing you to others of similar interests and thus to a wider circle of associates and friends.

* Finally, be yourself, know who you are, why you are where you are, doing what you are doing.Sun and seascape

The Lifestyle you choose will be the making or breaking of you.

If you do see the need to make a change – just do it now!

Final Notes:

Lifestyle is a complex of what you want, what you are doing to resolve your needs, and how you integrate into the wider community.

Lifestyle is a journey, not a destination, so work on developing the lifestyle that reduces your stresses, enhances your friendships, and enlarges the borders of your understanding of where you are comfortable within your society.


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