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What you think. Mindgames to live by.

What you dwell upon causes the world around you to respond in like manner. Some motivation trainers call this “the iron law of the universe”.

The old adage of “like attracts like” does apply, and so we have an explanation as to why setting and constantly dwelling upon goals progresses us along the road to achieving our dreams.

Dreams? Yes of course. Dreams are often like a vision of what is desired in the future, let alone a reflection of what has happened in the past.

The statement “without a vision, the people perish” is as true as the wisdom in “the civilisation that does not read it’s history is bound to repeat it”. Hence setting destinations and reviewing the path on the way are crucial to achieving your hopes and dreams.

Hopelessness is most often associated with a sense of “nowhere to go, nothing to achieve” and a low sense of self-worth.

Making a space in a busy day to reflect on who you are and where you are going is a good way to shed the effects of stress.

Meditation has a long history in calming the mind, relaxing the body, and restoring that essential sense of purpose.  So make a space for yourself and step into the peace and quietness of your soul.

Do you like yourself?  If not, then change your thinking by repeating to yourself many times a day “I like myself”.

No, the mythical Oedipus liked himself for selfish reasons. Liking yourself for reasons of being a better person, being more able to positively interact with the world around you is a very different story. So, Like Yourself!

Beaten into the ground with negative criticism? Change your world by defying your oppressor.  Instil into your thinking that you really are a worthwhile person – “I am a really worthwhile person with great and positive ideas” stands alongside with “I like myself”, and even “ I love myself”. Self-worth is critical for good mental health, so go on –

 like yourself!

Express yourself.

Fear of being criticised for not saying the right thing, or simply not being understood can put a real crimp on your expressive ability.

Try writing things down, read what you have written, aloud. Hear your words, build emotion into what you have written, by your spoken word.

The moment arrives to express yourself – don’t worry about the precise form, just express yourself as you now know the matter – and don’t forget to congratulate yourself once you are done.

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