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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q. "Isn't using supplements just making expensive urine?
A. That depends on what value you put on maintaining your body. For some it is like maintaining a car - cheap, shoddy, don't care, someone else's problem - don't bother because it will break down soon enough.
BUT if you believe your body is worth caring for, then a little extra "pee'd" is probably well worth the small cost in setting guarantees of better performance over a much longer time.  What manner of "car" are you?

Q. How secure is your online ordering facility?
A. Life Plus advise their online ordering facility is as secure as the best on the Web. Like any process of using the www to make a purchase you are well advised to ensure your firewall is working, and your anti-virus and spyware programs are fully up to date.

Q. What are "Free Radicals"
A.Unstable molecules. Because they are unstable due to a non-paired electron in the outer "shell" of the molecule the natural process is to seek an adjusting electron. This is found in the stable molecule immediately adjacent. Net effect is stable becomes unstable, and we get a cascade of damaging reactions. The reactions can be so large in scale as to damage the cellular structure and even the DNA of that cell.

Q. What causes "free radicals?
A.A measure of "Free Radicals" are part of the normal functioning of the body and are important in helping break down otherwise harmful materials.  However, the vast majority of Free Radicals arise from the chemicals and other pollutants in our environment as well as from excessive exposure to sunlight (sunburn) and also over-exposure to ionising radiation.
Return to "Free Radical Neutraliser"
More about Free Radicals can be found on "The Doctors Lounge" site.   Click your back browser button to return.

Q. What are Colloidal Minerals?
A.Unlike elemental minerals and their base compounds such as iron sulphate, calcium chloride and such, and also unlike chelated minerals, genuine colloidal minerals are non-toxic and are readily assimilated into your cells.

Q. What minerals are not in MicroMins Colloidal minerals?
A.As nearly as is possible using natural materials, all minerals are represented. Some minor variation may occur from time to time as the humic shales used will vary in mineral content density. This does not represent any manner of problem as the minerals are non-toxic in this form, easily absorbed and eliminated by your body's natural processes. Your body uses what is required and eliminates the excess.

Q. Why are Trace and Ultra-trace minerals important.
A.It is becoming increasing apparent that the body requires many different minerals to maintain normal body functions including enzyme activity.  Ultra-trace minerals are being linked to many enzyme processes and as such are described as "co-enzymes".  It is most clear that establishing a sound mineral support for the body improves general health, increases the ability of the immune system to handle challenges, and supports the musculo-skeletal system, to list some benefits. Return to Colloidal Minerals

Q. What is Lyprinex? A.Lyprinex is a remarkable anti-inflammatory from the Sea. It the result of many years of painstaking research to find the active ingredient contained in the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussell. Yes, it is from a shellfish, but there is no protein in the active ingredient, so no threat to shellfish allergy prone folk.

Q. How effective is Lyprinex?
A.Testing in an accredited laboratory showed Lyprinex was somewhere near 2 and a half times more effective than the best of the proprietary anti-inflammatories. Note that as the active ingredient in Lyprinex is from a natural source it cannot be patented - only the process of extraction can be.

Q. What can Lyprinex be used for?
A.Lyprinex can be useful in supporting the relief of symptoms associated with inflammation. The list includes Arthritis, Rh Arthritis, acute and chronic pain in muscles and joints such as back pain. It is also found to help with symptoms of Crohns and other inflammatory conditions of the bowel. Other areas of interest include PMT, Migrane, and Diabetes. Current appreciation is that it may also provide some benefit in reducing risk of cancer, let alone research indicating prospect of anti-inflammatories being positive sources for sufferers of cancer. See Cancer page for references. Return to Lyprinex

Q. Cardiac energy support - what is it and why might I need it.
A.That amazing powerhouse called your heart is dependent on a complex of chemistry to keep it functioning well.  As we age, or suffer debilitating life events - disease, shock, stress, injury, for example, our heart can be put at risk. One of the significant energy-related enzymes is Ubiquinol, and supplementing with Ubiquinol can appreciably increase the otherwise debilitated levels of internal Ubiquinol, giving the opportunity of improving the energy available to your heart. Return to Ubiquinol

Q. What is Biological Sulphur?
A. Known as methylsulphonymethane (MSM), Biological Sulphur is the form of sulphur most readily absorbed by your body. Due to it's nature it is immediately available to your cells. In Nature it is found in the early morning due on plants and grasses. Dogs and cats, for instance, will often be found licking the early morning dew from the grass. In nature it is also very fragile, being quickly dissipated in the early morning sun.

Q. What uses is MSM good for? A. Due to it's ability to allow better movement of nutrition into and waste out your cells you will notice you feel better and have more energy.
Another use associated with it's cell-support functions is by using it in conjunction with a good vitamin C source, gram for gram, reports indicate scar tissues are replaced with normal cells in the same measure (gram for gram). Please note that tissue replacement is only a reported finding, not a scientifically proven process. It's really up to you to discover for yourself. Return to Biological Sulphur

Q. Effective Weight Management Solutions
A.Whether you want to lose a lot or a little, BodySMART solutions put you in control.
Meal Replacements DO work, and used in conjunction with metabolic stimulants and balanced vitamin and mineral supplementation you are assured of the best of the safe methods of losing weight. Go To Weight Management

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