Excellent Health Maintenance

Three Critical Elements of
Excellent Health Maintenance

If you feel your health maintenance path is like this bridge:

Shape, Form, Structure,
.... But going no-where -

Then perhaps you should consider the three elements of excellent health maintenance:

Element 1 - What you eat.

Nutritionists sagely advise we need to eat

5 portions of green foods a day

 - and green jelly is not included!

OK, that is a good start.
However there are several factors impacting on that great idea.

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Element 2 - Your Lifestyle.

Jogging - really!! - well, OK for some, and for the really keen and able, there is running. For the rest of us mere mortals, as part of balancing the work and recreation/rest aspect of our often chaotic lives, a regular habit of more gentle exercise such as walking and cycling are positively beneficial, and also helps to defuse the ticking time bomb that accompanies our ever increasingly stressful life.
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Element 3 - What you Think

Medical opinion is that over 90% of illness is mind-made.

In Computer jargon -
garbage in = garbage out.

Learn to value mind-games,
exercise the power of self-talk and self-belief,
and believe in yourself and your future plans -
you do have plans, don't you??

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