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Specific product information, pricing, and ordering are co-ordinated by two regional offices. This ensures products are fresh and readily available.
So for Americas/Pacific region including Asia, Australia, and New Zealand Simply click the link US/Pacific, and for UK, Europe, and the rest of the world click the UK/EU link

Super Anti-oxidant and Free-Radical Neutraliser:Questions?

The most potent stable form, from Maritime Pine Bark and Grapeseed.
US/Pacific - UK/EU

A positive aid in improving well-being and also reducing the harmful effects of excessive free radicals.  Other benefits include potential to improve blood vessel wall strength as it also acts as a "collogen vitamin".
Curiously enough it is also related to anti-aging effects.
So, feeling "a bit under the weather", been out in the sun too long, have health issues that are "dragging you down", getting older?  then Proanthenols could well give you some help.   Testimonials

Colloidal Minerals:   Questions?

MicroMins contain plant-derived minerals in colloidal form, from primordial times.
US/Pacific - UK/EU

Extraced from ancient humic shales using a cool water process, these minerals are in plant form (colloidal) and represent all minerals including trace and ultra-trace.  Support your enzyme engine (your body) here!  Testimonials

"Lyprinex" tm - Remarkable Anti-inflammatory from the sea!    Questions?

Extraordinary Non-Toxic Anti-Inflammatory Support.
US/Pacific - UK/EU
No Protein, so no allergy.  Of use anywhere inflammation is a cause or an effect.
Strains, sprains, aches, RSI/OOS, and pains in muscles and joints including back pain.

Noted as often useful in other conditions also, including Asthma, Crohns, RA, OA, Migraine, PMT - the list is almost endless. 
All this from a special shellfish from the sea around New Zealand. 

Fish and shellfish allergy is not a problem - Lyprinex contains no protein.

Note: Where there is a chronic (long-standing) inflammatory condition the user may experience initial relief which seems to be gone around day 3 - discomfort returns. Fear not, keep on taking the Lyprinex as relief will return, usually by the end of day 4. Use Lyprinex continuously for 7 - 10 days at 2 capsules a day. You can then either stop taking it, or if you wish, reduce to one capsule a day for as long as you like.
More about Lyprinex, here   Testimonials

Cardiac Energy support:   Questions?
  Co-enzyme Q10 is an essential cardiac energy enzyme. When we reduce available CoQ10 in our body due to disease, ageing, and such, supplementing with CoQ10 can help restore adequate levels in our body. Result is more energy to support normal cardiac function.
Now there are two forms to choose from. The original 50mg tablet (suggested use 2 a day) and the advanced formula Ubiquinol which comes as a 100mg measure in a soft gel capsule (suggested use once a day). Click the image that interests you for more information. Testimonials

Biological Sulphur (MSM)- an essential element for your body.  Questions?
 Sulphur is an essential ingredient in the walls of your body cells. It is part of the process of maintaining flexibility and permeability in the cell wall.
Maintaining flexibility means feeling more youthful, improved permeability means more goodness can get into the cell and more waste can get out - more energy, less toxins.

Note: As MSM enables your body cells to get rid of toxins more efficiently, it is suggested initially taking just two tablets for each of the first two days, increasing one tablet a day every second day thereafter until you reach the daily measure suggested on the container. This is to help let the toxins get out of your system in a timely and orderly manner. Testimonials

Weight Control - Manage your weight as you like it.

Success! What is your ideal weight? Surely it is the one that you are comfortable with.  So, if you are wanting to get back to your ideal weight in a simple, no-nonsense way, check out your weight management options here

Testimonials: We would welcome your testimonials in experiencing the benefits of using the LifePlus supplements and weight control programs. Simply email us with your experience, and help others gain the confidence to simply try something that may make a real difference in their life.

Proanthenols  - the most effective "Free Radical" neutraliser.
- Severe skin irritation due to sun and wind - 8 hours yacht racing. Skin makedly "sun and wind burnt".  Took 400 mg of Proanthenols in the early evening. Next morning there was no sign of irritation nor of skin "peeling or blistering" as I would have otherwise expected.  Clearly the free radicals in the skin had been neutralised. - KS

- Tired and weary, no energy after a period of ill health.  Several days of taking 100mg Proanthenols found me feeling significantly better, more energy and feeling refreshed. - KS

Colloidal Minerals : -  from the Primordial Forest.
- Chronic hayfever (many years), multiple allergies, continuous sneezing, running eyes, "panda" eyes (deep blackening around the eyes).  Associate suggested I try MicroMins - "couldn't hurt to try", he said. Money-back guarantee, what did I have to lose.  Woke morning of day three from start taking Micromins, and remarked to myself "what's different - The war is over!" . First hestitant walk into a field of dry tall grass convinced me that my hayfever was gone for good.  Love those MicroMins!  Take them regularly. - KS

Co-Q-10 : Cardiac energy enzyme support.
- History of major Heart Attack and severe injury to part of heart muscle.  Taking Co-Q-10 gave me the added energy to be able to work harder - firstly in the cardiac rehab gym, then in the workplace.  Now using the advanced formulation Ubiquinol - simply splendid - it really does make a difference - I do the work load of people half my age, no problems. - KS

Lyprinex - Miracle Anti-Inflammatory Support from the Sea.
Growing older, started to feel joint pain.  4 capsules of Lyprinex, next morning pain gone, joint feeling good. - KS

I had severe back pain for years. Lyprinex took the pain away, letting my muscles relax so that my Physiotherapist could finally help me. - MCB

- strains and sprains, over-use of muscles and joints, all respond very well to Lyprinex - my personal experience - KS

- Pets get strains, sprains, and arthritis, just like us.  A couple of capsules and within 24 hours (usually overnight) the discomfort seems either significantly less or simple not bothering the dog or cat. - Great for bigger animals, too. - KS

MSM - Biological Sulphur
- Great detox material, excellent energy booster.-  KS

- Used for cat with bladder irritation - solved it in two days. - VS

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