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Why do we have an epidemic of excess weight? Coincidence ties us to the tremendous  increase in consumption of fast foods with high levels of saturated fats, and, carbohydrates including sugar.

Now, we can go to the supermarket and get a prepared meal that is based on high fats and carbohydrates - the saturated fats have been reduced with the use of Omega 6 rich oils - and that is another story.
So why do we like fats?  Well, they make the food smoother and sweeter to our taste. Kinda makes sense to eat more of them, huh.
Why do we like carbohydrates?  They are the wrapping around our dietary fats and are often sweetened with a lot of sugar or aspartame┬« (or other processed or artificial sweetners) (or both) - so we like more of the same.

So you want to lose weight. Great!

Most over weight conditions are the result of eating excess amounts of the wrong type of foods.  Vegetables are a real help here, but not with a jar of mayonaise mixed in!

So, to help us all change eating habits and get closer to that acceptable range of biomass index, a lot of people find using a meal-replacement once a day does help.

Some people use the meal-replacement system twice a day, but you must NEVER use meal-replacement for all your daily meals.

Caution If you suffer from any health conditions, particularly diabetes, or cardiac, please check with your doctor/physician BEFORE you start using meal-replacements, carbohydrate binders, or physiology stimulants.

Click on the links below to discover what may best suit you.  All products are guaranteed to provide you 100% satisfaction or your product cost refunded.

Types of Dietary Weight reducing supplements:

Meal Replacements work, and these are particularly pleasant to take and effective in suppressing appetite.

Carbohydrate binders prevent the digestion of a large portion of carbohydrates taken at the time of using them.  Thus your body has less fuel to absorb. Care needed - some have side effects - see the cautionary tale in "quick fixes", below.

Physiology stimulants (often referred to as "fat burners") work by increasing the "work rate" of your body, thus using more energy such as stored in body fat.  More energy used = less body fat - that is if you are eating the same amount as usual!

Beware of "quick fixes" such as a certain heavily promoted fat-absorbing product that did not give the best of results - nothing like a really urgent need to use a toilet completely unexpectedly!
Consequently those who most needed help simply gave up. More on this subject can be found here

Note: If you are reducing your normal food intake, it is a good idea to use a vitamin/mineral supplement to help maintain normal levels of these essential dietary elements.

We suggest using the excellent ones listed below.

Links below are separated into best supply regions - ie UK/EU (EU), and US/rest of the World (US)

BodySMART solutions for Men and Women

Meal Replacement comes in threes! - Triple Protein!

Vanilla - US or EU Vanilla-Un-Sweet - US or EU Chocolate US or EU

Vegan Protein Shake Vanilla - US or EU Chocolate - US or EU

Men, here are your Gold standard Support Vitamins, Herbs, and Minerals - US or EU

Ladies, your Gold Standard Support Vitamins, Herbs, and Minerals are here - US or EU

Double Strength Starch Blocker (Vegeterian OK).
Each Tablet blocks over 400 starch calories. Check your link
US or EU

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